Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strive for quantity when trying to generate new ideas.

Strive for quantity when trying to generate new ideas.

When my Dad was teaching me how to use my first camera, the ole cannon AE-1, he told me to take more pictures. That was his answer to most of my complaints. He explained that the more pictures I took the better the odds that one of them would turn out. 

I feel that way about, brainstorming for paintings, logos and layouts. Alex Faickney Osborn who made brain storming popular in his book, Applied Imagination, was the originator of the maxim, "quantity breeds quality". This is 1 of 4 rules he offered to stimulate idea generation.

He also encouraged to withhold criticism (rule number 2). This helps you to feel free to throw out anything that comes to mind. It has been my experience that some of the worse ideas have spawned the winning idea. No Simons in brain storming.

Osbor's third rule is to welcome the unusual. These new ways of thinking may provide better solutions. ('"Think Different." - Apple  )

Rule number 4 in Osborn's brainstorming list, is to combine and improve ideas. In some cases, a few good ideas put together can make a great idea. Here are a few great logos that combine ideas.

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