Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday CD Mix Sleeves

Who doesn't love getting a custom CD mix of awesome music? Making a mix to me is  a highly personal process of choosing songs for a specific recipient. Listening to the collection of songs is more meaningful than hearing the songs individually. Together they tell a story and set a mood. 

My husband shares the same exuberance for music mixes as I and made me many mixes while we were dating. Usually I spend so much time making the mix, the presentation is usually lacking the same attention to detail. For these new mixes, we teamed up. He went through the tedious process of listening and choosing the potential songs, while I made these cd sleeves. We talked about the music and what I was putting together. Since they were birthday presents for our nieces, I added the happy birthday greetings. I would highly recommend doing this for a date. 
We really enjoyed it.

I am always down for hearing new music, so if anyone wants to trade mixes let me know.


  1. Bryn absolutely loved the case! You are so creative, Jesse, maybe you can inspire my girls and I to do some projects.

  2. Thanks ya'll. I am putting together some art classes for the summer and I would love to have the girls come.