Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just put a bird on it

So if you haven't seen Portlandia's video "Put a bird on it" check it out.

Here are a few awesome things that have a bird or birds, on it that I have seen around internet lately...

bird hanger at farfetch

Find this Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Barbie Doll on Amazon 

literally a bird on it... head piece at idontlikemondays

Bird vase on Anthropologie

Really, bird printed lint roller? yep at H&M

bird shirt by Dorthy Perkins

Marc Jacobs Jumbled Bird Umbrella at Saks

Flock around the Clock Necklace by Mod Cloth

bird ring at Modekungen

I don't hate this trend when it comes in the form of bird hanger. Maybe I can go without the lint roller though. 

Check out my Put a bird on it Pinterest board for more birds.

Any crazy bird items out there? Please share. 

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