Tuesday, March 29, 2011

See a live performance to generate new ideas

Go see something live. It can be any kind of performance. Get out and hear a live band, or go see a play. 

Saturday evening, my sister-in-law brought me to the Provo Library to hear Markus Zusak speak about his new book. He is on the New York Times best seller list as well as the winner of the Michael L Printz Award for young adult literature for his book, "The Book Thief"

Great insights were offered about writing and being creative. He said, "I try to do the simple things well."  He also talked about if you want to be a writer  it has to be on the top of your priority list. Of course that doesn't just apply to writers. My favorite thing he stated was, "I am not creative". He went on to explain that he just has a lot of problems. When he solves a problem, he gets another string of problems to solve. Somehow I found that to be comforting. I often feel like I am just pushing around problems when I am doing graphic design. Eventually after a lot of work the pieces fit together.

I have been reading Mr. Zusak's book and it is very well written and engaging. All his hard work of problem solving and rewriting definitely paid off. 

Hearing him speak about his work, ignited lots of new ideas for me. I know if you walk away from the TV, put down that remote and participate in an audience at any kind of live performance you'll get the brain juices flowing again.

Please share any engaging performances you've been inspired by lately.

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