Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY Laptop Stands

A friend with a hot running laptop was just over. I thought, he needs a laptop stand. I also thought I could use some better ergonomics as well. There are a lot of folks that offer counsel on proper working environments. Such as

I wondered what I could throw together around the house. I have a few bins I could turn up side down, but I want it to look sleek as well. There are lots laptop stands out there. One I was impressed with is the iLap 14" Laptop Cooler and Stand available at MAC Pro Online. It will run you about 50 bucks though. Seems steep for a little bit of bent metal.

With a little more research I found a great DIY project on PopSci.

This stand has a great angle and is well ventilated and to my surprise is made out of a metal document holder you can find easily at an office supply store, with a few alterations you can have this awesome laptop stand.

If that ain't cheap enough for you, here are a few cheapskate versions I found at Closet Entrepreneur.

If you have more ideas or links for Laptop stands, please share.


  1. they have laptop stands that have fans on the bottom of them to help cool it down, those would be ideal for my computer

  2. I'm excited to see what the new and improved cardboard stand will look like!

  3. Great idea if you are a bit of a crafter, I'm useless in this department. I gave it a go, and then promptly gave it up and got a laptop stand instead!