Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ever hear of yarn bombing?

It is like graffiti except with yarn.

Installation at the Design Center at Philadelphia University center’s grounds as part of 
‘Lace in Translation,’’ 
Image courtesy: Kerry Polite/From The Design Center at Philadelphia University.

Yarn bombing goes by other names like, graffiti knitting, guerrilla knitting and even yarnstorming. A group of artist called Knitta began the "knit graffiti" movement in Houstan, Texas in 2005.

A very clever Natural Gas Belgium Commercial uses the yarn bomb concept to illustrate 
the softness of natural gas. The making of the video is worth a gander as well.

My latest yarn bomb find is the Warmest Euphomium. 
If you want to make your instrument a one of a kind sensation, check out the how to at instructables.


  1. wait, i didnt know you atarted a new blog...
    im excited though, cuz now you can post your art and stuff..

  2. I love the knitted graffiti!!! Isn't that great! Robbie did a really sweet job with the texture pics, too! This is wonderful!

  3. Crazy thing is that I could actually make that lace pattern in both bobbin and needle lace.

    Here http://coolboom.net/products/lace-fence-by-demakersvan/ is my personal faves in the lace fence market.