Wednesday, March 2, 2011

texture arsenal

Every graphic designer shoud have a texture arsenal. That way you already have lots of textures to use when you need them. 

Texture can come from the type of paper the designer chooses. Designers also add visual textures with photographic images of objects. Today I am referring specifically to background textures that give depth to designs. They can be simulated textures that you create in photoshop or actual scans of textures you have found. 

Sometimes the right mixture of both does the trick.

These picture of leaves in Honduras taken by my husband, Robbie Petersen are great additions to my texture library.

My new goal is to build up my personal texture library and share them with my readers. In the mean time,  I’ll share some sources for some great free background textures that I found that I am sure you’ll love.

Great paper textures can be found at Design Freebies.

Beautiful wood textures are available at Vandelay.

Clay, concrete and slate  can be found at High Resolution Textures.

Enjoy, and please share your favorite freebie texture sites with me.