Monday, November 7, 2011

Robot Onsie

Check out the Robot Onesie I made for my good friend Julie who is having a baby boy soon.

This was my first try at this kind of embroidering.  

The silver thread and the googly eye is my favorite part. 

Baby boy themes are harder for me to think of for some reason. But I love the robot. I think it would be fun to draw a slew of them and offer some templates to embroidery from.
Do you have any ideas for other baby boy onesies you'd like to see templates for? 
Please share.


  1. Well I don't have a boy, but I have a VERY un-girly girl (which makes me happy).

    Here are some things:
    TRAINS!!!! (Boo's big on these)
    Hot air balloons
    Monsters & Aliens - think Monster's Inc & Stitch.
    Spiders (bugs in general, but Spiders & Ladybugs are the current faves)
    Dinosaurs - it's cool to hear a 3 year old say something like Stackiasaurs Tops
    Fish & other sea creatures like starfish
    Books & science stuff like erlenmeyer flasks and test tubes
    Tools (crescent wrench,hammer, etc) - Boo likes to "fix" stuff
    Planets & Rockets
    Animals - Bears, Monkeys, giraffes, elephants, moose, Zebra

    You could also Add the alphabet letter to some of these - like a Z and a picture of a Zebra. There ya go. That should get the juices flowing. If you need more ides just peruse the kids video section.

  2. Looks great, the pictures came out well.

  3. Thanks for all those great ideas! I especially like the science ideas.
    Rube-the pictures were taked by Julie's Mom. I just cropped them and edited them. You would have camera envy if you saw her stuff.