Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Handmade Victorian Cuff

So I went to this awesome wedding for the lead singer of the band Eyes Lips Eyes, Tony, who is also my husband's cousin and my good friend. I absolutely adore his new wife Jackie, she chose a victorian theme for their wedding and it was epic!

Check out this picture. Don't they look awesome?

If you really want to be blown away watch this video.

Jackie & Tony - The Narnia Estate from Amy Johnson, One Fine Day Prod. on Vimeo.

For such a posh event I knew I needed a cool accessory.

When I saw this I loved it. Of course its antique and it's sold and I probably could have afforded it
This one is from Third Floor Antiques.

So I kept looking and I found some really cool fabric victorian cuffs available as well.
Like this one.

Violet fabric cuff from DaWanda.

 And this one that I love.

Grey cuff from Crescendoh

I really wanted something to go with the brown skirt I planned on wearing so I decided to make my own. I decided to do an asymmetrical design kinda like the antique silver one above, with fabric and buttons I had on hand. Here it is.

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