Sunday, April 5, 2015

Family History Can Be Fun

Recently I attended a family history retreat at the Heber House in Utah. The classes were taught by Crystal Beutler, family history guru and  owner of the Heber house and Rhonna Farrer of Rhonna Designs. (They also taught at rootstech this year.) The main focus was how to do family history research on the go from your phone, but I learned so much more than that. I made some new friends and was really inspired to make more time for family history research, personal journaling and more.

So I am ready to breathe life back into this blog.  I'm excited to share my design adventures and inspiration here, and of course family history discoveries!

Speaking of, check out this gem! This is a photo of my Granny Bill that I had never seen before that I found on Family Search.

This week I am going to teach a class to the ladies at my church, entitled "Using Technology for Good". Part of this class will be to share the family history apps I learned about at the retreat. I  will also share info on some great apps for taking photos on your phone. Check back I'll save a link to the slideshow here when I've got it all buttoned up.

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