Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Halloween Crow Paper for Digital Scrapbooking

Halloween is drawing near. Add some not so scary panache to 
your halloween photos with this free downloadable digital paper. 

Here is the paper with out photos:

Here I added some fun photos from a few years ago of my
 husband and I dressed up as Star Wars characters.

Happy Halloween to you.

Last year I made a printable Vintage Witch Halloween Tag 
you might like to attach to a treat.

Looking for more free Halloween printables?
Design Lass was featured on Everything Etsy's list of
Check them out.

Download Disclaimer
* This free download is for personal use only. This means that it is not to be used for any kind of commercial project. Please contact me if you would like to my graphics for a commercial project.

I love to see what you make – so please leave a comment if you want to share & I will visit your blog.

This isn’t required, I just like to see my designs in use.

If you would like to tell someone else about this paper I"ve designed, please direct them to this blog post. 

Do not give away my images, and since they are just for your personal use, Please do not sell them to others.

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