Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back Stage

Outdoor concerts are the best. 

That's what summer is all about. I headed over to Stanford's Laurence Frost Amphitheater to see a few bands last week. I was really excited to see my bro-in-laws band, Eyes Lips Eyes open for Modest Mouse. The show kicked off with Benjamin Francis Leftwhich and then Eyes Lips Eyes took the stage. I actually got to go back stage while Modest Mouse played, which was rad. 

I guess the description in my above photo should say back stage with Tony Hello from Eyes Lips Eyes, while Modest Mouse is playing, but it didn't look as good.

Here is a dancing tree getting the crowd excited in the back ground. 
The tree is Stanfords unofficial mascot which is a member of the Stanford Band. 

Modest Mouse crate.

Anyway it was super fun and I will make the above design available for download soon.

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