Tuesday, October 11, 2011

St. Vincent = Awesome

I had never seen St. Vincent live. My husband and I went up to Salt Lake's Urban Lounge and stood in the drizzly cold rain to get in last night. I was a little scared that the delicate sounds of Annie's music would get lost at a show. My fear was washed away as soon as she started playing her opening song, Cruel. I don't usually expect a song from an album to sound the same on stage, but what she did was better. The band put in so much emotion into their playing. She sang like a song bird, and thrashed her guitar so magnificently. The crowd picked up that energy and I was glad I was there to experience it.

Robbie took some pictures, here are a few that he took, that I absolutely love...

She was featured on NPR's World Cafe. (She talks about how she makes her gear work in a live show.)

You can listen to some of her music, order a white LP and get MP3 download here.


  1. some of the pictures are up on G+ right now, great concert, great band

  2. Those are amazing pics! Very artsy and I wouldn't doubt that she would love copies. That last one would be great in some liner notes.