Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cabin Weekend

In August I hung out with my friend Brynne at her family cabin, in the Utah Diamond Fork Canyon where their cattle are. I thought it would be fun to do a quick layout of a few of the pictures I took on my iphone. Wish I would have taken more.

We had a peacefully good time. Brynne made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, my favorite! With no internet or cell phone service we had plenty of time for reading, chasing a porch mouse, and a few crafts. We took out the four wheelers and went down to the cow trough to see if the gold fish she planted there were still thriving. They were hiding under the green moss but they were there. I wondered if the cows could see them.

This is Brynne.


It was nice and sunny. I enjoyed watching Mr. Mike fix a well, I think can he can fix just about anything. They are almost finished building a new cabin and I tagged along to see how it was going.

Mr. Mike Miner.

That night Brynne pushed the mattresses out on the porch and piled them with blankets. She tucked my blankets in tightly just in case the porch mouse returned to pester us.

Beds in the morning.

Even though I love how we are more available to to others than ever before, be it, texts, emails, Facebook or blogs, I think if we can go under the radar sometimes we can feel the more important messages our heart tries to tell us that get lost in all the worldly noise. Every time I carve out moments to do this I return, more energized, focused and creative.

Wheel in the Porch railing.

Thanks Brynne for the simple weekend at the Miner Cabin.

*See more digi layouts at Royston Design.

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