Wednesday, August 24, 2011

in a southern girl's kitchen

As a southern girl I watched some talented ladies whip up flavorful things in their kitchens. I coveted four things I had to have of my very own when I grew up. Who knew I would be a grown up in Utah instead of Mississippi or Louisiana? (and have them all)

Here they are:

1. A Stand Up Mixer
They free up both your hands so you can add oil, or crack an egg. Best of all it stirs for you while you make a mad dash to clean up before company comes.
Thanks to the Petersen ladies I got a pretty red one and I love it.

2. A Food Processor 
You can never chop like this thing can, they are cheap and worth having around.

3. Sharp Knives
I really struggled with my dull knives until I got a few from my Dad who sharpened them himself. I also received a beautiful brand new knife from a dear friend, Mrs. Laurel McNeil and now my knife collection is complete.

The last thing on my list arrived today.

4. A Cast Iron Skillet!

You can't beat a well seasoned cast iron skillet for frying chicken and making cornbread. Terri Royston just sent me a hand me down skillet,that's been in her family for years already seasoned, which is the best kind to get. Unlike those teflon nonstick skillets, a cast iron skillet can last hundreds of years and it's not as toxic. If you know how to use it it's just as easy to use as the new fancy ones, and in my opinion things just taste way better when cooked in a good cast iron skillet.

If you need info on how to take care of a cast iron skillet check out this great article at Rich Soil.
Below is a list of southern recipes I can't wait to make with my new to me cast iron skillet.

Thanks Terri!

Mississippi Tomato gravy
Sour Cream Cornbread
Upside Down oooey gooey Caramelized Apple cake
Eggs and Hashbrown Skillet Breakfast
Pork chops
Fried Green Tomatoes
Cinnamon Rolls
Skillet Buttermilk biscuits

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  1. I'm getting hungry just reading about all of these yummy foods!! I will gladly provide all the green tomatoes that you need :)